A Comparative Analysis of the Women Archetypes During the Pre- Colonial and Colonial Periods in the Philippines

Rolly G. Salvaleon


This study analyzes the female characters from the selected pieces in Philippine Literature through the viewpoint of Archetypal lens. Primarily, it attempts to discover the image of women stereotypes during the
pre-colonial and colonial rules; to compare the life of women in these two periods; and to investigate if which type of archetypal women made more advances or benefits to the society. Guided with these objectives, the literature-based qualitative research design incorporating a content analysis approach is used. Findings reveal that women during the pre-colonial period are archetypically classified as the Amazon/ Adventure/ Heroine/Crusader, Inquisitive Nursing Princess, Lover/Seductress, Rulers/Boss and Nurturers. On the other hand, colonial period depicts women as Damsel in Distress, Innocent, Unfaithful Wife/Woman, Terrible Mother and Victim/Wounded. Moreover, it is evident from the surveyed literature that women in pre-colonial time are given much value compared to the women in the colonial time. Women in the pre-colonial period enjoy more joyous fate compared to the women in the colonial period that are often confronted by seemingly difficult adversities and usually fall into tragic ends.


women in literature; Philippine literature; archetypal; pre-colonial period; colonial period

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