Celito A. Ramos, Rebecca S. Sanchez


This study determined the teachers profile, the learning outcomes or academic performance in the six facets of understanding: explanation, interpretation, application, perspective, empathy, and self-knowledge using mother tongue instruction, the significant difference between the teachers profile and pupils performance and the problems encountered by the teacher respondents in the use of Sinugbuanong Binisaya (SB) textbooks in the three districts of Surigao del Sur: Tandag, Cortes, and Madrid. Findings revealed that educational attainment and length of service of teachers except ethnic background or dialect spoken do not affect the pupils academic performance in the six (6) facets of understanding. As to problems encountered, teacher respondents found the availability of Sinugbuanong Binisiya Textbooks and Teachers Manuals as moderately serious due to the inadequacy of these instructional materials. Difficulty even with the use of the Mother Tongue in Sinugbuanong Binisaya was also found serious considering geographical barriers and different dialects spoken by the pupils and teacher-respondents in the study. The degree of seriousness on language difficulty encountered by the respondents lies in the translation of Sinugbuanong Binisaya words, proper phrasing and intonation. This implies the need for more in-service training about Mother Tongue implementation and the use of Sinugbuanong Binisaya Textbooks based on the regional dialects spoken by both teachers and pupils.


mother tongue, sinugbuanong binisaya textbooks

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