Luisito I. Tabada, Pierre U. Tagle


The study proposed an enhancement to the Tagle-Sharma network, a high
performance self routing fault tolerant switch which employed an enhanced scheme of the banyan network. The enhancement incorporated a shared buffer in each switching element (SE) of the network. Suitable management of incoming packets in a shared buffer switch is necessary to provide high buffer utilization and least amount of buffer space. Two buffer management configurations were proposed. The First-In-First-Out (FIFO) configuration used internal control and followed the FIFO policy in handling the buffer. The look-ahead configuration also followed all the features of the FIFO scheme but used the buffer only when needed to improve performance in terms of transmission delay. Simulation results showed that both configurations gave high throughput. Introduction of the deadline kept the delay of the network low. The look-ahead scheme offered better transmission delay performance than the FIFO approach. The Tagle-Sharma switch needed only a buffer size of 4 to achieve higher performance.


tagle-sharma, traffic, performance, network

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Performance of Buffered Tagle Sharma Switch under Random Traffic


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